Analytical and Technical audit service

Diagnostics analyses
On this first phase, the current website status and its users behaviours and characteristics will be analysed and measured based on existing Analytics information. From this first phase, we will be able to detect improvement opportunities and a better understangin of the comercial strategy of the company.

The Report includes the following segments:

  • Main Metrics: User quantity and sessions, pages per session, unique views, bounce rate, new visits rate.
  • Audience: Who are the users? How often do they use the site? Geographical site Reach. Which technology is being used? Which devices do they use?
  • Adquisitions: Where do users come from? How do they reach the site? Predominant sources and channels; Landing pages.
  • Behaviour: Site Speed, Most visited pages, exit pages.
  • Conversions:  Added value generated, Goals and balance.

Digoday will send a “User analyses” report with the most relevant data steming from the previously mentioned variables and dimensions analyzed.

Google Analytics Technical Audit

On this second phase we will analize the implementations made and reports received. This will have the objective of optimizing Google Analytics on your website in order to achieve its full potential given the particular need and goals that your company has.

These are the technical implementations that will be provided:

  • Up to date Google Analytics Version
  • Account, properties and views settings
  • Ip Adress Exclusions
  • Goal Configuration
  • AdWords/Webmaster Tools/AdSense Linking
  • Tag Manager
  • E-commerce
  • Home page
  • Internal Search Follow up
  • Exit Links follow up
  • Event and Goal-event follow up
  •  Virtual Pageviews
  • Campaign Follow up
  • Advanced Segments
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Filters
  • Custom Alerts

Digodat will send a “Google Analytics Report” with a complete evaluation of the current implementations and the recommended proposal.