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Every day, hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people visit your web site. What do you know about them? How are users arriving to your site? What is their behaviour? Where do they surf? Why are they leaving? How much income are they reporting to you? Web analytics are generating countless opportunities in the digital world, allowing us to measure data, get valuable information, carry out reports and analyze the characteristics of users and their behaviour on the web, enabling us to make actionable decisions based on those results.

Google Analytics is the most popular digital analytics service in the world. Over 80% of web traffic is measured through this tool, that is without taking into account the thousands of mobile apps that use the mobile version of this system. However, few companies or web sites really use it to improve their business quality and performance. Why? Mainly because it offers ‘raw’ data, so in order to draw conclusions we need to know how to interpret it. Digodat advices its clients with the goal of continuously improving the user experience in their sites, increasing the value that users report in relation with goals set by the client, whether they are of a commercial nature or user quality.

Transforming data into valuable information is our task. Using it to gain insights and make actionable decisions is the main challenge for the growth of your site.

        Our proposal

Stage 1: Audit

Stage 1: Audit

Audit of the current Google Analytics implementation. Analysis of the general state of the site and its users. Implementation proposal.

Stage 2: Implementation

Stage 2: Implementation

Implementation of everything agreed on Stage 1 with all updates and modifications required.

Stage 3: Reports

Stage 3: Reports

Set up and customization of automated periodic reports.

Stage 4: Customized Analysis

Stage 4: Customized Analysis

Monthly analysis of the evolution of the site and its users, detecting key opportunities for optimization and improvement.

Stage 5: Continuous Improvement

Stage 5: Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement support of the technical implementation of Analytics.

1. Audit

Diagnostic Analysis In this first phase we’ll analyze the current state of the web site and the characteristics and behaviour of its users based on previous analytics data. From this first analysis, we’ll be able to detect opportunities for improving the site and the overall commercial strategy of the company. The report includes the following details:

  • Main metrics: number of users and sessions; pages per sessions; viewed pages; bounce rate; new visitors rate.
  • Audience: Who are the users? How often do they visit the site? Where are they from? What technology are they using? And which device?
  • Acquisition: Where are users coming from? How do they reach the site? Most important channels, sources and mediums; Landing pages.
  • Behaviour: site speed; most visited pages; exit pages.
  • Conversions: value generated for the company; analysis of goal accomplishments.

Digodat will send a “User Analysis” report with the most relevant information based on the analysis of the variables and dimensions detailed before.

Technical audit of Google Analytics implementation. In this second phase, a thorough evaluation will be conducted to learn how the GA implementation can be further optimized and reconfigured in order to better collect data based on the client’s needs and commercial goals. Some of the assessed technical aspects are:

  • Google Analytics version in use
  • Set up of accounts, properties and views
  • IP exclusions
  • Goal configuration
  • AdWords/Webmaster Tools/AdSense integration
  • Tag Manager
  • E-commerce
  • Home page
  • Internal searches follow-up
  • Outbound links follow-up
  • Events & goal-events follow-up
  • Virtual pageviews
  • Campaign follow-up
  • Advanced segments
  • Personalized dimensions
  • Filters
  • Personalized alerts

Digodat will send a “Google Analytics Implementation Report” with the detailed results of the aforementioned analysis together with a proposal of the improvements to be made.

2. Implementation

Once agreed on the changes to be made in order to improve the current GA implementation, these will be deployed using the Tag Manager tool or will be introduced directly in the original source code by instructing and working closely with the site’s developers. Next, data gathering will be checked and validated in order to assure the information collected is reliable.

Digodat will send a new implementation report confirming the successful modifications and noting any other relevant comments so that the client can verify and start taking advantage of the new measurements.

3. Reports

Automated Reports Once the Analytics account is smoothly and accurately running, a lot of relevant information will start constantly flowing. It is fundamental that they are properly revised so that useful conclusions can be extracted from them. Periodic reports will be scheduled daily (or according to each specific needs) containing the most valuable information and data presented in a way that will be easy to understand and review for each recipient team so as to provide a complete description each company’s area status. Reports will be designed taking into account every specific need, and then will be automatically generated according to the schedule devised. This will allow for the clients to concentrate on the decisions they make, instead of having to figure them out in the first place. They will have all of the necessary information in their email without needing to access the complex Analytics platform.

Alerts System We will set up GA’s automatic alerts system so that the site’s health and other functionalities are constantly monitored. Were any failures to arise, such as downtime, bugs, or other errors, automatic emails will be sent to the people appointed so that they can quickly mitigate any problems. Positive events can also be included in the monitor system to keep track of sales or newsletter subscriptions, among other relevant activities.

Digodat will send access links to the customized panels and automated reports will be scheduled with the desired interval of time and to the designated recipients.

4. Custom Analysis

Monthly checkup Our expert consultants will monthly review the site’s performance looking for:

  • Business Opportunities: audience, hours, sources and segments will be evaluated in order to identify highly valuable traffic.
  • Weak spots: areas or sections of the site that have a negative impact on the visitor / user overall experience, eventually leading to their loss..
  • Unstable metrics: it’s important to single out metrics that change a lot over time and delve into their behaviour, filtering to detect technical, seasonal, geographical, social or market phenomena.

Digodat will send a “Custom Report” with the status and variation of the main metrics and information about the site and their users, reporting about possible business opportunities and weak points, among other factors spotted during the period.

5. Continuous Improvement

Anytime, The company will be able to make inquiries about technical matters that may arise about the implementation of Analytics on the website or the meaning of the different reports and metrics to the e-mail address assistant@digodat.com. Also, Digoat will check periodically the website in order to keep it updated with the necessary code modifications according to the updates Google makes to Analytics. This will allow us keep a correct implementation and use of Google Analytics over time.