Digodat was in Google’s offices in Argentina to teach an intensive two-day course on Google Analytics (GA) as a part of the Google Partner GURU program. For 14 hours, Alan Daitch and Manuel Giménez, founders of Digodat, gave an in depth exposition of the most important aspects of  digital analytics using the GA platform.

The workshop was produced with the intent of pushing attending Google Partner agencies to new horizons but with the flexibility to address the different levels of experience that they displayed. We present the highlights below

Manuel Gimenez Curso Analytics en Google
Manuel Giménez exposed the fundamentals of data acquisition in Google Analytics 

The workshop began with a behind the scenes look at the methods of acquiring the data that is later processed and reported. There is a tendency in agencies to neglect this process but it is vital to understanding  the scope and limitations of Google’s tool.
Later, valuable tools were introduced like the powerful Google Tag Manager. This platform allows agencies to install bits of measurement code (the “tags”) without having to handle directly the code on the website. This reduces the probability of creating problems on the site’s code, saving hours of coding. Esta plataforma permite instalar código de medición sin manipular directamente el de los sitios web. Afterwards there was a walk-through on measuring email opens directly on GA via pixels.
Frequent problems that every GA specialist stumbles upon on their analytical path were also approached: bounce rates that resist to shrink, unexplainable ghost visits, conceptual errors, and more.

Alan Daitch capacitando Analytics en Google
Alan Daitch aiding Google Partners in the hunt for insight

The room filled with discussion in the last stretch of the workshop: the hunt for insights had begun. Participants took the lead and dived into the real information they had brought from their clients. They searched for optimization opportunities under the guidance of Alan and Manu and proposed some very clever solutions!
In summary, those were two intense working days in atmosphere of collaboration and great sense of humor.
Digodat will be presenting the Workshop with Google in Peru and Chile in the next few weeks, bringing to a close the first semester of analytic meet-ups in Latin America.

The Google Partners with their new analytical GURU diplomas
The Google Partners with their new analytical GURU diplomas
Ceremonial Selfie @ Google Argentina
Ceremonial Selfie @ Google Argentina