Tired of looking at a lot of reports every day? Sick and tired of dealing with everchanging interfaces? Dashboard Solutions and automatic reporting provide a solution for these problems with a concise data analyses.

Custom Advanced Dashboards

Google Data Studio Dashboards

 Google Data Studio is the perfect solution for creating your own custom dashboards, simple and intuitive. It allows integration of different data sources:

  • Google AdWords
  • Google Analytics
  • BigQuery
  • Files (CSV/XLS)
  • Database (MySQL, Cloud SQL, PostgreSQL among others)
  • Attribution 360
  • Doubleclick Campaign Manager
  • Search Console
  • YouTube Analytics
  • Google Sheets
  • And More!

Once the report is generated, the interface allows interaction, up to date filters and data.

On top of that you can custon and adapt the dashboard design for tv, monitors or any other device.

Certified Partners

Digodat has the official Google Data Studio Insignia Certified Partner, since we provide consulting to some of the best companies in the world. We are constantly up to date on any new Google products and tools, sometimes even before they become public.

Our team has developers capable of working with other IT departments in order to resolve technical issues and achieve reliable data.

Our Consultants will guide you and teach you proper usage of the tool and coordinate with different teams in order to achieve Google Tag Manager’s Maximum potential.



Other Tools

For complex implementations we will use tools such as Klipfolio , Tableau or similar. These tools allow us to pull data from thousand of Apps from the cloud (Including the most powerful CRM in the market), data bases, file sharing solutions and more.

In case of not having direct integrations. Our developers will create solutions based on the tools API.


Klipfolio Certification

Digodat is a Klipfolio Certified Partner, given to companies that have the highest knowledge for implementation, planification and administration of Dashboards.


Weekly or monthly reporting directly sent to your email.

These reports have the advantage of working as reminders to keep yourself up to date with the data from your business without the need of entering Google Analytics every day.

Plus they are ideal for teams that have periodic meeting for them to receive each the best information possible.


Thanks to our Developers that build from Scratch, this dashboards and reports can be customized for specific areas or data pulling, add logos, cross sources, and more. .


Let us present your data in a better way

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