Curso de Google Analytics


Introductory Google Tag Manager Course

This Course is set to provide introductory concepts to understand Google Tag Manager and plan and implement specific site analyses. The course is meant for reduced groups of students in order to provide  specific problematic solving and personalized assistance.

During this course Students will receive real information from real sites(subject to confidenciality policies), in order to obtain group conclusions and information analyses.


Duration : 2 classes – 2 hours and a half long.


Course topics:

  1. Introduction
  •  What is Google Tag Manager and How does it work?
  • How to install GTM on a site
  • Basic Analytics code install
  1. Tracking
  • Triggers: How and When to use
  • Conversion Pixels and Remarketing
  • Adapting Variables
  • Click Event measurement
  1. Advanced Concepts
  • External Code Install
  • Understanding Data Layer
  • Good WorkFlow Habits: Preview, drafts and publishing

Class Capacity

Between 6 and 10 students either present or remote.

Our Students will receive an official Digodat Certification at the of the course (We are a certified Google Tag Manager Partner)

Google Tag Manager Certified Partner